Cygnet Infotech : Prism Poetry Competition

A Survival Ship

The ship that boarded,
on the deep chilled sea,
A Cygnet troop equipped,
to surmount the sea,

captains with the sailors,
challenging the fate,
destined to take,
the Swan to the stake,

starting at ease,
with sweet morning feast,
adjusting the sail,
with vision to prevail,

the calmness of the day,
cleared miles on the way,
heading to the bay,
that was eternal away,

the cool evening breeze,
a beautiful tease,
before it can please,
it comes to a cease,

the black sleepless nights,
roars to the heights,
the clumsy giant clouds,
thundering aloud,

the wild wavy tide,
blocking up the ride,
the cunning Chameleon wind,
forcing troop to redeem,

the storm and the scene,
a tough brave dream,
forcing back the crew,
threatening to flew,

yet captains and the team,
sketching and moving,
forcing and falling,
filling, fulfilling,

though perpetual efforts in vain,
tearing apart in pain,                                                      
days with no gain,
leaving scars on the vein,

the sharks in the east,
ready for the feast,
waiting to feed,
the valiant fighting breed,

in the dark foggy night,
the troop is still in fight,
With all the scars and war,
the dawn is not so far,

the exploration may be long,
the cyclone may be strong,
the marching that is on,
may seem sometimes wrong,

with all the mighty blows,
adjusting the flows,
the Swan has all grown,
stepping towards the throne,

witnessing all the norm,
the Cygnet has transformed,
the Swan is all now set,
to conquer up the rest.

My Cygnet

My joining, my start,
My induction, my inspection,

My desire, my ambition,
My aspiration, my desperation,

My thoughts, my anticipation,
My vision, my goal,

My time, my technology,
My learning, my working,

My studio, my database,
My development, my release,

My managers, my team,
My friends, my colleague,

My picnic, my blood,
My dance, my fun.

My carving, my molding,
My fitting, my fixing,

My resistance, my persistence,
My satisfaction, my expansion,

My efforts, my faith,
My support, my will,

My dedication, my zeal,
My determination, my perspiration,

My gratitude, my itch,
My grace, my longing,

My Cygnet, my Cygnet,
My Cygnet, my Cygnet.

Can be eased away

The process that is a mess,
delivers only stress,
can be eased away,
with fewer clicks on desk.

The process that is tall,
separated by geographical wall,
can be eased away,
centralization is a call.

The process that is small,
that needs to reach the hall,
can be eased away,
with globalization overall.

The process that is bound,
to the timeline ground,
can be eased away,
with automation already found.

The process that is dull,
mistakable by human skull,
can be eased away,
by a system prone to fumble.

The process that is huge,
where domains needs to fuse,
can be eased away,
integration is to choose.

The process that is vast,
unmanageable in the past,
can be eased away,
by thundering cloud so fast.

The process that reveals,
a happy customers is a zeal,
can be eased away,
quality assurance is a deal.

The process anywhere,
that needs to be taken care,
can be eased away,
CYGNET is always there.

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