Sunday, August 3, 2014

A lesson learned

The other night, 

Clock ticked around 11:45 PM, there was an unclear tipping of rain water somewhere outside the house, though in an undisciplined manner. House was already slept and I was about to tear apart in my bed. It was  a long day for me starting at early 8 AM.

It was a tough day(excluding an hour) not because it started early but it was a Saturday and I was working. I know I just triggered a bullet on a weaker nerve of some of my working reader friends. For non working lucky ones here is some information, "Work" and "Saturday" don't go well together, don't know whats wrong between them, but I guess its the fast & furious Sunday that's troubling them. Sunday is very smart it will make you wait the most but will disappear in no time giving you all the hardest pain in life to follow.

I unfolded the bed sheet and jumped in with a feeling of relief that finally a good day is about to approach at the other end. My eye lids rejoined happily in super sonic speed, I was already half a sleep in no time, body parts were hibernated quickly. 

It was just few seconds passed and the 24 * 7 hard working part of our body "THE BRAIN" notified me of something in my subconscious state. The notification reads "You still have your spectacles on". There was no fuel left within me to execute any of such instruction. I decided to sleep with it on. But the Brains is smarter anyway. He know how to tackle me even in this situation. He pushed second notification.

The next notification that followed reads "You don't have an extra pair, in case you brake it, while cherishing your Inception driven dreams". That hit me like something, I must tell you he is very smart, this is some pro-activeness, he knows in case I break it, it will ultimately increase his task under three major department "Choice management",  "Finance management" and the toughest these days "Time management".

That notification surely worked for him, it forced me to separate those eye lids again. I pulled myself and sat on my bed. First time in my life I realized how my windows machine feels when I say him to shutdown, he obeys it and gets busy showing me the programs he is closing and suddenly I hit "Cancel". It's bad feeling, its like receiving Candy Crush request notification when you expect something else.

I usually have a case for specs which generally is responsible for taking care of my specs when they are off duty. I usually carry this case when I am travelling as well so as to make sure they are safe. I need to find that now, my eyes got back to work very quickly (just like any other programmer working in overtime, finishing things) they started scanning the room desperately in search of the case. It scanned all the obvious places depending on descending order of their probability. But there were some dark places hidden beneath all the junk that we have on table.

Finally out of exhaustion I stood and scanned all the places on my table with whatever patience still left in me. Although, my body was still forcing me towards the bed. Due to my critical battery a second thought(lazy alternative) was increasingly getting encouraged in my brain to keep the specs on table and abort the process of finding the case. But as usual my brains never gives up that easily, he always puts in one extra effort before aborting any hunt. So he scanned the bed side table as well in vain. My body took shortcut in no time and placed my specs on the table and moved to bed utilizing all the fuel left within.

As soon as my body was in contact of bed sheet I felt much better. I rolled over a bit to get into the more comfortable position. Although my brain was still busy cleaning up the memory that the last operation occupied. But my body was least concern about it. While adjusting myself in a better position I moved my right hand beneath my pillow. I moved it deeper until my fingers touched the bed side table. Suddenly some thought crossed my brain with full speed. My brain still active very quickly calculated the probability of the case being in that space between the joining corners and the result of that calculation was 1. 

Certainly, I was strongly convinced by the result. But I didn't put up any effort to scan that place, even though it was a barely fair inches of work.

At times we are in need of many things, many decisions to be taken, many hopes to be fulfilled, many dreams to be chased. 
We even put in best of our efforts, but all that effort goes no where, forcing you to adjust yourself and take an alternative to that. Later even if you find what you want there's no point in that discovery, the time has already passed.

Finally with this thought I slept at 11:46 PM.

This 1 minute whatever happened might be very normal. But all I can say is life teaches many lesson's indirectly.

This is just "A LESSON LEARNED".