Saturday, May 13, 2023

Jawab Ne Hi Sawal Puch Liya

kyu mai khamosh hu,

ye usne puch liya

halki si muskan ke piche,

hai kuch chupa,

ye usne samaj liya

waqt, ummed, ehsas, sparsh,

khulke yu nyochawar kiya,

bandhe hue khwahiso ki, 

bediyo ko bhi khola,

shararti un ankhone,

muskurahat ko jamke luta,

khyalo mai mujhe fir esa uljhaya,

khud ko hi mene tab bhulaya,

uljhan samaj ne ki samaj,

aati bhi kaise,


jawab ne hi to sawal puch liya.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Arjun was looking forward about the month to come, all the event that has unfolded recently had surely gave him some indication that things might turn around by leaps and bounds soon. A decade back who would have thought that his life would reach to a point where everything about it would seem unreal. Neither Arjun nor anyone who knows him would have thought that he would reach to this stage in his life.

Arjun by nature is very simple and calm person with very low liking for all the fantasies of this fast-paced world, he likes to take things slowly not rushing to the end product rather sooner but enjoying the journey. He had very distinct choices which would attribute well to his character. The type of music, movies, books, activities, fashion, everything about him would just set perfectly with his style of living and liking. If he would have been a painting, it would be one of those canvas where everything is brushed with precise colors to form a perfect calm natural landscape (without humans in it obviously). 

He had a great liking about the rabbit-tortoise race, some people used to relate it with his style while some people felt that the reference was just a vague example to justify rather a slow mover which does not hold enough relevance in this modern world. Arjun was not someone whom you would like from day one, however you would not hate him from day one either. He would top the list of "The most sorted person", if the list was prepared by the limited people who knew him well. He used to have very simple point of view about almost everything that you can think of.

It was always difficult for people to guess what he was feeling, he wasn't expressive enough for anyone to judge his state of mind. Due to this very reason lot of people used to find him bit weird and difficult to deal with. Not everyone would get feedback of the conversation from him, most of the time it would just be a simple faint smile. There was something special about his smile, it never changed since the days he was in diapers. Innocence was the most visible feature on his face.

You would never find him arguing with anyone about anything, he would just stay silent most of the time and if he had to speak, he would seal the conversation with one simple statement which would be enough to summarize hours long discussion. Sometimes people would understand it right away and sometimes they would understand it after many many years and sometimes it would not make any sense.   

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