Friday, November 18, 2011


Sometimes life sketches a scene in front of us where we are not sure of the direction in which to stride....the only thing visible is the mist...the early winter-morning fog.....

Though many bells rang in our head still we are not sure  from where the sound waves have originated, all we can make up is its coming......its approaching... far from beneath the visible landscape but exactly from where..... is unclear,vague to this weak human eyes.

This kind of darkness creates anxiety from within as if something is going on-which we are unaware of.Our inner soul is screaming for it, but the communication with the soul seems noisy, disturbed. No matter how much we exercise to hold the communication channel its in vain.

The inner voice is trying to help us to overcome the blackness but the language seems different its unknown.....not the one in which we communicate in normal life...its far beyond the fancy things of normal human get this darkness clear-up there needs something special,some spiritual spark which could resolve the haze..but from where do we get such spark is still an amusement

The Universe is forming a dilemma which we aren't able to solve...not because there aren't any clue....its because something is missing,just that one point which could solve out the entire maze..the entire mystery beyond this unsaid puzzle....just one metal-piece which could tie up the entire chain..just one thought which could open up the eyes forever making the vision crystal clear....but all we have at hand is incomplete word ..broken parts which when merged leaves behind the hole..... the incomplete shape..which could laid to many possibilities when gathered....

Somewhere i feel there's always something around us which are directing us, leading us to the way to escape from this mesh...but pal are we able to recognize that hint.??. Are we enough capable of entertaining the unseen possibilities....the hidden treasure...does this language of nature makes any sense??....or does it really exists......??

Even it seems a charade to me as well.....whether its true or not..
whether it points towards something or not. All I can end up is.

..its  "uncertainty"