Friday, November 18, 2011


Sometimes life sketches a scene in front of us where we are not sure of the direction in which to stride....the only thing visible is the mist...the early winter-morning fog.....

Though many bells rang in our head still we are not sure  from where the sound waves have originated, all we can make up is its coming......its approaching... far from beneath the visible landscape but exactly from where..... is unclear,vague to this weak human eyes.

This kind of darkness creates anxiety from within as if something is going on-which we are unaware of.Our inner soul is screaming for it, but the communication with the soul seems noisy, disturbed. No matter how much we exercise to hold the communication channel its in vain.

The inner voice is trying to help us to overcome the blackness but the language seems different its unknown.....not the one in which we communicate in normal life...its far beyond the fancy things of normal human get this darkness clear-up there needs something special,some spiritual spark which could resolve the haze..but from where do we get such spark is still an amusement

The Universe is forming a dilemma which we aren't able to solve...not because there aren't any clue....its because something is missing,just that one point which could solve out the entire maze..the entire mystery beyond this unsaid puzzle....just one metal-piece which could tie up the entire chain..just one thought which could open up the eyes forever making the vision crystal clear....but all we have at hand is incomplete word ..broken parts which when merged leaves behind the hole..... the incomplete shape..which could laid to many possibilities when gathered....

Somewhere i feel there's always something around us which are directing us, leading us to the way to escape from this mesh...but pal are we able to recognize that hint.??. Are we enough capable of entertaining the unseen possibilities....the hidden treasure...does this language of nature makes any sense??....or does it really exists......??

Even it seems a charade to me as well.....whether its true or not..
whether it points towards something or not. All I can end up is.

..its  "uncertainty"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Traditional attire festive at Silvertouch


"Festival  imparts enthusaism into individuals".

This was experienced by each and every employee of silvertouch for this particular day when silvertouch celebrated traditional day the first of its kind ( though i am not sure whether they celebrated it before or not but atleast to my knowledge its the first) . After i became part of silvertouch family it was first time i had expected real fun apart from the regular life at silvertouch.

Its always a positive feelings when things overcome your expectation. As to my expectation  it was indeed a great fun or else can say a great start to the beginning of the energetic diwali, a unique festival of its kind celebrated with tremendous grace and charm.

The speciality of the day was that all the employees were asked to wear traditional costumes to add flavour to the festival . Though I was more excited for what was about to follow this particular day(diwali break..;))...It was the last day at work before the short 5 day diwali break.

Regarding my costume It was almost crazy of me to drop red kurta on the shoulder for this particular occassion as it is mostly used for dazzling navratri nights. The fun started right way as i bio-metrically pinged in and entered the office. Everyone was carrying a silent smile and it was different then usual may be happiness of the festive..moreover i think it was of the upcoming break, the happiness of staying at home for consecutive five days was the reason behing most of  the employees.(Those who dont enjoy such break, I doubt on their work)

It was the most energetic atmosphere i have ever seen in office. Everyone were cracking jokes and adding fun to the happening.It was just the starting of the day and i started loving the day from the very first hour itself. Someone got a good thought in mind and Suddenly Somewhere out of thin air a flash emerged, which completely changed the mindset of all the one present over there and what followed next for couple of hours was really unusual for an IT company a real fun-filled Photography session . Photography speed-ed up in no more than couple of  minutes.What followed next was an entertaining photo session , people forming groups trying to catch  moments into reusable pixels.

 More often everyone loves to be clicked perhaps not just for the sake of having collections of photos with friends  but also to have it posted on networking sites and get likes and comments on it,after clicking a good pic its our first thought "Let me upload it on FB", its kind of trend these days and the best part about it is we all do it coz we like it that our friends liked it.

For the following hour we took as many pics as we can, accessing all the available leaders and manager, it was great fun indeed all of them are damn cooperative and fun loving people, although we didnt got same cooperation with our cam which displayed memory full irrespective of our desires of capturing even more. Thnx to the tallest guy of the silvertouch that he got 8MP into his phone . On personal request of some of my friends I clicked their photos that they can upload to matrimonial site, as they dont want to stay happy anymore. I am sure I will receive healthy beating coz i mentioned this here from same friends but i still got a point that i didnt mentioned the name ;) .

I would also like to mention that  Lajja (caution: dont judge person by her name.) and Jalpan(Acer) jointly forcefully captured some of my pics in which u can clearly see that I undergone gender harassment. So both of u dont laugh while reading it ,I can go legal about it unless and untill u provide me handsome bribe. I know I am a corrupt friend but its a fashion these days to be corrupted. After all we are government team so we need to do our bit to sustain the tradition .

For the first time ever in past 5-6 months i have seen all the directors present at the same place although its a  different thing that some of my new colleagues didnt knew who the directors are. It was great to listen few words from them for whom we work.It was short, sweet and bit humorous our CS added good point to make everyone laugh.

Prizes were to be given to the best dressers and lucky draw winners. We were expecting the winner for dress to be my neighbour who wore complete traditional attire with blue-saffron pitambar-bandi .Though he didnt won...but hatts off to his involvement to this occassion .He surely is a winner for us not for his attire but for his spirit for his enthusiasm. Though everyone who enjoyed the day are all winners for me including me..;).

One of my friend became the luck draw winner and promised to give Black chocolate everyone who wishes her so guys congrats her where ever u see return she will provide u chocolate. We forced a lot to let us open the gift but i guess she wanted to carry that for her mother. So she didnt let us open it. Anyways we knew what was it.

THE DAY (dont consider it as a grammatical mistake but it was worth calling it 'THE DAY') ended up with wishes everywhere. It was one of the memorable day at work. Thanks to the one who got idea of it and arranged something to bring sport and spirit into everyone. It is perhaps essential in our day-to-day stressful life to get involved into such activities to inject enthusiasm into everyone. Along with work its equally important to get such refreshing dose.

Thanks everyone who made the day memorable,and
Happy diwali and Extra-prosperous(as petrol prices are rising) New year to each of my friends and family.
May this season bring lot of cheerful moments into your life.

"Stay cool be happy. Live large."