Saturday, April 9, 2016

Is this the way?

Last night, the Friday night, on the way back to my personal paradise, my home! I have witness something that is worth acquiring the space here. It's always a great feeling when you are heading towards your home after having your job done, especially on Fridays. Although if it does not gives you a sense of satisfaction and inner strength at the end of the day, then its not worth continuing it on Monday, you have to apply some serious thought over it on entire weekend.

As usual, I was riding on two wheels, one of those invented by our ancestors some 15 - 20 years back in chapter 5 of class 4 in some Environment book. I remember the picture in the textbook, a human looking guy rolling the wheel. (Disclaimer : Academic information provided above is solely based on my not so good academic memory, so please bare with it. To help you out with the term further, Academic memory can be defined as that part of memory that is intended to help you overcome academic challenges and provide you relevant, clear and sufficient data when you have to prove yourself in exams. Although I never had very good relation with it, so it used to dump me whenever given a chance). 

While I was covering up the remaining distance on my daily route to home, I reached the bridge built across the lonely equatorial river(just to mention that rivers are compared to Mother here in India) of the city, carved in very mesmerizing beautiful way by the nature. Its always good to have natural flavor added to the city to keep its nature loving citizens content, not every city on this planet has been blessed with natural factors.

Midway on the bridge my retina cheated through the corner and reported something worthy a look. Respecting the extra efforts put in by the eye ball, I turned my head around to consider the matter on hand. It surely was of significant value attesting that magnetic glimpse of the city at that silent odd hour.

With in no time, management department took the decision to take a very short break to admire the essence of this titillating combination of clustered artificial lights seducing the faint dark night. Obeying the orders I immediately applied brakes providing enough friction to halt my top speed these day which reads 40 kmph on the speedometer(Those who know me well, will surely have their jaws tearing apart in disbelief right now, looking at the numbers. But that is the truth my friend, its out of provided resources rather than of choice). 

I followed the complete landscape, in quick glance skipping the minute details. At that instant I was more pleased to digest what is being served instead of inspecting more out of it. Very often it seems that less is more than more. That sight made me realized how small things decorated beautifully can create appealing sets when alloyed with even the opposite of its nature and purpose. Human less scenery always revels deeper and thoughtful insight accompanied with honesty and sincerity. It eliminates the arrogant, incompatible and egoistic elements from the frame.

It was just couple of minutes later, the dense silent water progressing beneath  injected a thought into my system. In the supersonic speed of this digital world, everyone is trying to match up the momentum, accelerating hard to reach the top spot, to be successful, getting noticed with the mysterious fame. In the coarse few are hitting the paddle hard as to fulfill their unreal manicures, whereas few are doing it out of no choice to catch up their shortfalls and rest are just doing it for the sake of matching up with others.

At the discussed moment, even I am not an exception to this situation, neither are you. We are all trapped in this Bermuda triangle, where we feel a sense of marching ahead but in which direction, is still a question to be answered. All the fabricated milestones resides at higher altitude of our to do list, but none of us is anxious about the path itself. According to me milestones has to remind us of the fascinating road that we are rolling on, instead of the restlessness of hitting the destination.

Usually at times when I look into rear view mirror of my timeline, I do envision that a lot of phenomenon has been passed on the way back in this trek. Traveling at this velocity, it is obvious that things will pass by quickly even before we realize it or before we live it to the fullest. Though the fact is that we are not even bothered of slowing down to look around at whatsoever that is passing by and everyone has their own legitimate and explainable reasons for it.

 Now and again recalling an old incident always wonder's us just by the matter of fact that it is actually much more older than it seems at first flash. Looking at any new infrastructure we barely recall what it had been there before few years, when did it changed? Such is the pace we are dealing with, and we have adapted to it very quickly and silently.

All the fantasy of this modern era has its own expense or I must say expensive enough. All the cloudy thoughts that struck me last night, certainly manufactured one question in my mind. 

"Is this the way?"