Sunday, September 2, 2012


Again the same Sunday arrived. Sundays seems very tempting when we are in the middle of the week, that temptation increases proportionally as the long and slow Wednesday, Thursday and Friday passes by, but its on the peek on the last working hour of Saturday and the worst on Sunday evening itself.

It's one of my favourite day of the week for one good simple and logical reason, because it’s a work off day. This is one of those day that gives you the best time of your life, some of the best memories of your life.
(Although situation may vary on one important  parameter "MARITAL STATUS". Although besides just Sunday's this parameter also affects every hour of a person's life especially boys, but lets not press hard on this weak nerve of inconsistent Humans and lets assume we are all lucky and unmarried.)

Talking about Sunday, it's that particular lazy day when you yell on all television channel's for entering into the inter-channel competition of "SHOW NONSENSE STUFF AND WIN!", I bet on this lazy day your television remote is the one working the most, bad day for poor 10 inch wife (remote) of huge Television. On this particular day even the social E-media fails to tighten up your interest for more than an hour or two.

Apart from all this fancy time-killer this day has an unnoticeable benefit. However it may be but it is the best, at-least for me. This particular day gives us that wonder-full thing which we are least bother of, yet they are the real hidden treasure of human life in true meaning.

It gives us those invaluable wonderful moments which we spend with ourselves, that in-explainable feeling  to be idle and free of task, that stroke to enjoy the hours doing nothing and just getting engaged within ourselves. In this highly competitive world, we cherish many dreams in our mind and we try every damn possible thing to make it possible, we give our best shot to be there. Alas!  in this long run we never give ourselves the time to live, to be free, to do nothing, to be just empty, a void.

It is this particular touch which makes us realize the real sense of living, the true realization of spirituality, the essence of liveliness, the rhythmic pumping of our heart, the silent respiratory process that keeps us alive, the calm running blood, the 37 degree Celsius body temperature,  the presence of the slow moving breeze, the still atmosphere, the existence of faith and soul buried beneath our dust-lusted body.

All this minute details which indeed are most vital to make human life possible are nowadays hidden beneath our regular stressful life. In the chase of the artificial needs we always blunder the real source of satisfaction and happiness.

Let us spare some time with ourselves and realize this powerfull and ultimate source of contentment, lets understand the real meaning of it and utilize the most of it, 

lets live this